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Harbaugh Real Estate Rent vs. Buy Calculator

This Rent vs. Buy Calculator is a wonderful tool designed to help you determine if renting or buying a home is the best option for you. By entering some assumptions below, this calculator will show you the financial differences between renting and buying. Take your time and play around with the numbers. As you do, watch how the totals change. You will notice that sometimes just a small difference in an assumption can make a huge impact in the long term.

NOTE:This tool works best with larger screens!


  1. Number of Months is the length of time you want to make the assessment for (how long you plan to stay in the home).
  2. Purchase Price is the price you expect to pay for a home.
  3. Down Payment is the amount you expect to put down on a home purchase.
  4. Mortgage Rate is your loan rate.
  5. Length of Mortgage is the number of months your loan amortizes for.
  6. Monthly Expenses - Owning is the amount you anticipate paying in expenses each month for your home assuming you buy. This includes property tax, insurance, HOA dues, lawn maintenance, repair costs, etc.
  7. Appreciation Rate is the rate you anticipate property values in the area of your home to increase by for the length of time you hold the property.
  8. Inflation Rate is the anticipated annual rate of inflation.
  9. Closing Costs at Purchase is the amount you anticipate paying in closing costs (as a % of the price) when you buy the home.
  10. Closing Costs at Sale is the amount you anticipate paying in closing costs (as a % of the price) when you sell the home.
  11. Rent Amount is the amount you expect to pay in rent each month if you choose to rent instead of buy.
  12. Rent Increase is the amount you anticipate your rent increasing each year.
  13. Monthly Expenses - Renting is the amount you anticipate paying in expenses each month to rent. This typically includes things like yard maintenance, light bulbs, rental insurance, etc.


Ownership Assumptions:
Number of Months: Purchase Price:
Down Payment Amount: Mortgage Rate:
Length of Mortgage (months): Monthly Expenses - Owning (tax, insurance, hoa, repairs, etc.):
Real Estate Appreciation Rate (annual %): Inflation Rate (annual %):
Closing Costs at Purchase (% of sale price): Closing Costs at Sale (% of sale price):
Rental Assumptions
Rent Amount: Annual Rent Increase:
Monthly Expenses - Renting (yard, insurance, etc.):  
Computed Values
Closing Costs at Purchase:    
Loan Amount:    
Total Interest Expense:    
Total Principal Paid:    
Total Home Expenses:    
Ending Value of Home:    
Total Appreciation:    
Closing Costs at Sale:    
Total Ownership Expenses:    
Total Rent Expenses:    
Total Rent Paid:    
Total Profile/Loss to Own:  
Total Cost to Rent:  
Net Saved by Owning: