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Fish Creek Linear Trail in Arlington and Grand Prairie is Perfect for Endurance Athletes...or Anyone

By Lee Harbaugh

With over 6.5 miles of paved trails, runners, cyclists, walkers, and skaters all have a great place to get that workout in.

a bridge at Fish Creek Park in Arlington Texas

Are you an avid runner or cyclist? Or, perhaps you just like to take that nice evening stroll every day. If this describes you, Fish Creek Linear Park in Southeast Arlington is the perfect place for you!

One of the best kept secrets in the Arlington/Mansfield area, Fish Creek Trail has over 6.5 miles of uninterrupted paved linear trails that make this area ideal for marathon training, bike riding, roller blading, walking, or just getting out in nature for a casual stroll.

The trail originally started at Matlock Rd. in Craven's Park and ended at Highway 360. In 2006, Arlington and Grand Prairie completed a connector piece that extended the trail to already existing linear trails in Grand Prairie. Then in 2021 Grand Prairie finished connecting the trail from the Oak Hollow area all the way to Lake Ridge Parkway to create to entire 6.5 miles.

the trail at Fish Creek Park

The trail roughly follows the course of Fish Creek, which runs from south Arlington through Grand Prairie and eventually dumps out into Mountain Creek Lake. Along the trail you will find plenty of elm, oak, chinese pistache, mesquite, and a myriad of other types of trees. Naturally, there are also lots of butterflies, grasshoppers, and yes, some pesky insects too. In the summers, you will often see fireflies lighting the path at dusk!

If you are looking to live near the path, numerous neighborhoods can be found both in Arlington and Grand Prairie adjacent to the trail.

the trail at Fish Creek Park at sunset