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Eatzi's to Open in Terminal D at DFW Airport

By Lee Harbaugh

Are you an Eatzi's fan? If so, you'll soon be able experience the wonderfully savory tastes of their more than 4000 original recipes at Terminal D in DFW airport!

The Eatzi's sign

Eatzi's is a gourmet food market and bakery chain that offers a variety of prepared foods, baked goods, sandwiches, salads, and more, along with a selection of grocery items and ingredients to take home. Eatzi's is known for its fresh, high-quality food and focus on artisanal products.

When I used to work in Dallas every day, I would often eat at the original Eatzi's on Oak Lawn Ave. for lunch. It was convenient because I could walk around the different

food counters and quickly pick out exactly what I wanted and have it ready immediately. My favorites were always their custom made pasta dishes -- pick your pasta, pick your sauce, etc. Of course, the mouth-watering breads they bake could almost be a meal in themselves! They also have a wide selection of chicken and beef dishes as well as many vegetarian options.

a case of Eatzi's food in the restaurant

If you've never tried an Eatzi's, I suggest you find one of their handful of locations throughout the DFW area and give it a shot.

If one of their existing locations doesn't work for you, you'll soon have the chance to experience Eatzi's at DFW Airport in Terminal D. According to the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, the company recently received the go-ahead to build their next eatery in one of the busiest international terminals around. Construction is expected to begin March 1 and wrap up sometime late summer.