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6 Simple Steps To Sell Your Home

By Meghan Thrasher

Thinking of selling your home? Here is your list of must-do's to sell!

a house with a for-sale sign in the yard

Step 1: Decide How You Want to Sell

You may be surprised by the number of options you truly have when it comes to selling your home. The way you choose to sell your house will affect the way the entire process turns out so it's crucial you make the right decision for you and your unique circumstances.

Option number one is listing with an agent on the market. This is an extremely common strategy and for good reason. A Real Estate agent is a local expert in the market and can not only help you price your home the right way and get it to stand out among the rest but can strategically negotiate with buyers on your behalf to get you the best deal possible. [Details about agent services and fees]. If you are interested in moving forward with this option, click here to get started.

Option number two is selling your house on your own without the representation of an agent. [Details about 'For Sale By Owner' option]. If you choose this route just know you will now be solely responsible for all aspects of the home sale. [More details about responsibilities and challenges].

Option number three is selling your home to a real estate investor directly. [Details about selling to an investor, the benefits, and the process]. If you are interested in this option, click here to get an immediate cash offer on your home today.

Step 2: Set Your Price

If you chose the path most follow and are going to list your house on the open market with an agent, the most important decision you make is how to price it. [Details about pricing strategies, looking at comparable properties, and learning from others' pricing strategies].

Step 3: Consider Curb Appeal & Declutter

[Details about the importance of decluttering and improving curb appeal to attract buyers].

Step 4: List Your House

[Details about steps to list your house, hiring professionals like photographers and stagers, and scheduling open houses].

Step 5: Review Your Offers & Negotiate

[Information about reviewing offers, considering key factors in offers, and negotiation strategies].

Step 6: Accept the Offer

You’ve accepted the offer. [Details about post-offer acceptance steps including inspection, financing, underwriting, and finalizing the sale].