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4 Key Skills That Set Introverts Apart

By Lee Harbaugh

Are you an introvert? If so, neuroscientist Friederike Fabritius says you may 4 key skills that set you apart from your extroverted counterparts!

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After consulting with numerous large corporations on how to attract and retain talent, Fabritius says that she discovered employers tend to hire extroverts. While extroverts have needed skills and talents in the workplace, Fabritius found that introverts have 4 special skills that make them invaluable to any team.

Introverts Tend to Think More

According to one Harvard study, introverts have thicker gray matter in their brains. The gray matter is the outer layer of the brain that functions to process new information. Per the study's authors, this indicates that introverts naturally think more and take their time solving problems.

In addition, another study indicated that introverts' brains are more active even in a relaxed state, which indicates more blood flow through the brain.

Introverts Focus Longer

Introverts also have the ability to focus for longer periods of time. Give an introvert a puzzle or problem, and they are generally able to sit with it for an extended period of time. Give the same puzzle to an extrovert, and they will likely loose interest rather quickly if it cannot be solved right away.

Introverts are Often Gifted

According to Fabritius, around 75% of introverts are highly gifted in some area (arts, math, computers, etc.). Naturally, this would mean that hiring a gifted introvert could have a huge positive impact on an organization.

Having said that, studies also show that introverts and extroverts have roughly the same intelligence level. So, giftedness does not necessarily mean higher intelligence.

Introverts Tend to Do the Right Thing

According to one study in 2013, extroverts are more willing to go along with the majority opinion, even if it is incorrect. While this does not guarantee that extroverts are always wrong or that introverts are always right, it does indicate that introverts are more willing to do the right thing, even if it means going against the flow.

The truth is, we all tend to possess some qualities of both extroversion and introversion. I remember attending a training class on DISC profiling a while back and having a discussion with the teacher about introversion vs. extroversion. One thing he mentioned to us is that some people have almost equal amounts of both qualities in them and can shift back and forth easily. Others tend strongly to one or the other, and for them it is quite difficult and uncomfortable to switch.

Personally, I think one is not better than the other. The world needs extroverts, and the world needs introverts. To say we should all operate one way or the other is myopic and foolish. For the introverted, this information is simply encouraging in the sense that it shows the world does indeed recognize their value.

How about you?