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Harbaugh Real Estate Investment Calculator

This Real Estate Investment Calculator is a powerful tool designed for investors looking to assess the potential returns and profitability of rental properties. By inputting a few key assumptions, you can quickly estimate the total and annualized rates of return, as well as the total profit from a single rental property investment.

NOTE:This tool works best with larger screens!


  1. Number of Months is the length of time you intent to hold the property.
  2. ARV is the value of the property after you repair or upgrade it at purchase time.
  3. Sale Price is the price you pay for the property.
  4. Down Payment is the percent of the sale price you put down on the property.
  5. Closing Costs at Purchase is the closing costs amount as a percentage of the sale price. As a rule this is around 2%.
  6. Mortgage Rate is your loan rate.
  7. Length of Mortgage is the number of months your loan amortizes for. NOTE: you could have a shorter loan that amortizes at a longer period.
  8. Rehab Cost is the estimated cost to repair the property.
  9. Rehab Time is the estimated time it will take to repair the property.
  10. Rental Amount is the monthly rental fee you expect to charge for the property.
  11. Monthly Expenses is the amount you anticipate paying in expenses each month for the property.
  12. Appreciation Rate is the rate you anticipate property values in this area to increase by for the length of time you hold the property.
  13. Inflation Rate is the anticipated annual rate of inflation.
  14. Rental Increase is the annual rate you anticipate raising rent prices.
  15. Closing Closts at Sale is the amount (as a %) that you anticipate paying in closing costs when you sell the property.
  16. Vacancy Rate is the percent of time you anticipate the property being vacant between tenants.


Number of Months: All in Price (sale price + closing + rehab):    
Initial Value (ARV): Closing Costs at Purchase:    
Purchase Price: Down Payment Amount:    
Down Payment: Loan Amount:    
Closing Costs at Purchase: Ending Value of Home:    
Mortgage Rate: Total Appreciation:    
Length of Mortgage (months): Total Rent Collected:    
Rehab Cost: Total Interest Expense:    
Rehab Time (months): Total Principal Paid:    
Rental Amount: Principal Remaining:    
Monthly Expenses (tax, insurance, hoa, repairs, etc.): Total Monthly Expenses:    
Real Estate Appreciation Rate (annual %): NOI:    
Inflation Rate (annual %): Net Cash Flow:    
Annual Rental Increase (%): Closing Costs at Sale:    
Closing Costs at Sale (% of sale price): Total Expenses:    
Vacancy Rate (%):  
Total Profile/Loss:  
Total Return:  
Annualized Return: