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A row of houses on the left Are Homes in Southeast Arlington Still Selling?
Published 2023-11-27
Homes in southeast Arlington are continuing to sell faster and for closer to their original list price than many of the surrounding areas.
a grease recycling sign Grease is the Word: Innovative Tips for Disposing of Kitchen Grease
Published 2023-11-22
While it's easy to pour kitchen grease down the drain, such habits can wreak havoc on your plumbing and the environment.
a graph of the DFW case-shiller index DFW Home Prices Continue to Decline Year Over Year
Published 2023-11-09
Home prices in the DFW area are continuing to slide on a year over year basis.
a bridge at Fish Creek Park in Arlington Texas Fish Creek Linear Trail in Arlington and Grand Prairie is Perfect for Endurance Athletes...or Anyone
Published 2023-10-04
With over 6.5 miles of paved trails, runners, cyclists, walkers, and skaters all have a great place to get that workout in.
Choctaw Stadium in Arlington Texas Arlington Texas Reduces Property Tax Rate
Published 2023-09-14
This is the eighth consecutive property tax rate reduction for the city of Arlington.
a graph of months supply What Is Months Supply in Real Estate?
Published 2023-08-23
Months supply is a measure of the supply of homes on the market at a given point in time.
a woman at a social with a drink in her hand The 10 Ways to Source Real Estate Investment Leads
Published 2023-08-08
Finding solid real estate investment leads can be a daunting task, particularly in the area of residential real estate investing. However, a well-planned and strategic approach can open the door to a treasure trove of potential investments.
a house with the moon in the background Texas Property Tax Relief Deal Has Been Struck
Published 2023-07-10
After months of debate and posturing, the Texas legislature appears to have finally come to a consensus on property tax relief.
a single blue house on a sunny day Demystifying Title Insurance in Residential Real Estate
Published 2023-07-06
A clear understanding of what title insurance is and why it's essential can go a long way in ensuring your real estate transactions are secure and your property well-protected.
a row of houses on a sunny day The 7 Steps to Finding a Successful Real Estate Investment
Published 2023-06-12
If you follow these seven basic steps, you will be able to find a property or set of properties that provide you with your desired rate of return.
a hot air balloon in orbit Catch a Ride to Space on a Space Balloon!
Published 2023-05-08
French space balloon startup Zephalto recently announced that they are taking reservations for their first flight to space aboard a balloon...for the low, low price of $132,000!
the floor of the Texas House of Representatives Texas House Passes Property Tax Relief Bill - Senate Has Its Own Versions
Published 2023-04-18
All agree that property tax relief is needed in Texas. The solutions are still being debated.
a young girl thinking 5 Types of Real Estate Investments
Published 2023-04-11
Once you have determined that real estate investing is right for you, the next step is to determine which type of real estate investment is right for you.
a picturesque home in the mountains What Is the First Step to Becoming a Real Estate Investor?
Published 2023-03-21
Before you dive into real estate investing, there is one HUGE question you should ask yourself: Is Real Estate Investing Right For Me?
a chart showing economic indicators Texas Economic Outlook for 2023
Published 2023-02-22
The Texas economy is very healthy, and we should expect continued growth throughout this year.
a girl sitting in grass looking pensively 4 Key Skills That Set Introverts Apart
Published 2023-02-07
Are you an introvert? If so, neuroscientist Friederike Fabritius says you may 4 key skills that set you apart from your extroverted counterparts!
the Eatzi's sign Eatzi's to Open in Terminal D at DFW Airport
Published 2023-02-04
Are you an Eatzi's fan? If so, you'll soon be able experience the wonderfully savory tastes of their more than 4000 original recipes at Terminal D in DFW airport!
a graph depicting rising mortgage rates What Drives Mortgage Rates Anyway?
Published 2023-01-28
Over the past year, we have heard much talk about the rise in mortgage rates. But, why exactly do mortgage rates rise? Or, for that matter, why do they fall ?
a man and children sitting in seats at the Omni theater Ft. Worth's Omni Theater Gets Upgraded
Published 2023-01-22
If you have lived in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area for very long, chances are you have visited Ft. Worth's Omni Theater at least once. It is an experience unlike any other, and it's about to get even better!
an illustration of a house with an easement marked on the property What Are Easements Anyway?
Published 2023-01-02
If you own real estate in Texas (or almost anywhere for that matter), you may have heard the term easement. But, what exactly is an easement anyway?